What makes an excellent life possible for man? This is the idea behind the Philodata Project. We want to identify the conditions necessary for it and to impart these insights in the context of our business activities.


While in classical antiquity philosophy was suitable for counselling, modern philosophy left this field almost entirely to dubious schools of psychotherapy, which are praising their semi-religious speculations as a way to secular salvation. The Philodata project is a concentrated effort to promote a trend toward an increased orientation of philosophy toward everyday life. And this will happen in a way, which orientates itself rather toward the findings of the modern sciences then toward old-fashioned classics and traditional moral concepts.


What is old is not good or true because of this. To make this programmatic orientation recognizable, we have chosen the composition of the following concepts or word constituents for the name of our enterprise:


1. Philo...

= love for..., admiration of... +

2. Data

= the provable, actuality given


The contrast to the concept of “philosophy” (sophia = wisdom) is not an accident. This expresses that with all the respect for the achievements of well-known philosophers, in a conflict it must be the scientist who should keep the last word – because he is the expert for the empirical, i.e. for the undeniably true.


This means that we operate from the assumption of the fundamental possibility of objective knowledge, which allows (among others) the distinction of right and wrong, useful and harmful, rational and irrational, constructive and destructive, good and bad. This supposition has consequences for the practice of life that should not be underestimated, and that’s because we humans can not avoid to mould it on the basis of this very verdicts. How realistic or objective these verdicts are, decides about how successful our life will be, and along with that, whether a content or even happy life is granted to us. The mission of Philodata is: to be for its customers a partner in their shaping of a successful practice of living.


Our products and services are aimed to be of help to you for being able to identify objective reality with the greatest certainty possible, and in its fullest context. The informations you need for this, are what we want to offer through a range of different media. Part of this are books, workshops, correspondence courses, tapes, lectures, CBT, etc. But we want to avoid the mistakes of the usual self-help literature, which consists in isolating the psychological from the social and encumbering all the responsibility alone on the individual. For some things that happen to you, others are to be blamed. We want to take this fact into account by turning – where this seems necessary – to politics, because it is often withheld that, unfortunately, your spiritual welfare is also dependent on that issue. This intention, to keep the balance between social criticism and “success psychology,” and all this based on the natural sciences, should make Philodata to a unique player in adult education.


We hope being able to push the Philodata enterprise ahead very soon with the help of suitable authors and cooperation partners, so that we can soon present you an extensive offer in the fields of: psychology, politics and philosophy.


If you have interesting business ideas or manuscripts, which are compatible with the conception of ourselves, we want to encourage you to contact us. Success needs partners. Let’s speak with each other.


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