After all, the control of its members is the function of society. Freedom can be only achieved by consciously understanding the mechanisms at work and voluntarily choosing the type of society one wants to be a part of.


„Denial“ is just one form of reality corruption. There are a host of other  mechanisms at work: almost one hundred forms of logical fallacies, more  then a dozen forms of subconscious defense mechanisms, etc. Then we have deliberate distortions by other people: trickery, deceit, sophistry,  political strategems, etc., etc. One could make a systematic presentation of all these attacks on objective reality.


I would like to see one myself [a comprehensive classification/taxonomy of different forms and mechanisms of reality corruption]. If I only had time, I would create one myself. This is a subject as vast as it is fascinating. Imagine: having  epistemological MATRICES of Rationality & Understanding protecting oneself  against Matrices of IRRATIONALITY & Lies, ensuring always a maximum of  efficiency & ethics.